Why number 14?

A tribute collection of
number #14 pool balls
& other related items

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FAQ: Why number 14?

A tribute to Johan Cruijff 

I was 11 years old in 1974 and during the World Cup in West-Germany I was fascinated by the famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruijff. He became my idol for life.

The Netherlands reached to the World Cup final for the 1st time in history, unfortunately we lost 1-2 against the home team.

With AFC Ajax Amsterdam Johan Cruijff won the Europe Cup I (now named Champions League) in 1971 (Ajax-Panathinaikos 2-0), 1972 (Ajax-Internazionale 2-0) and 1973 (Ajax-Juventus 1-0). He then transferred from Ajax to FC Barcelona, along with his teammate at Ajax Johan Neeskens.

He played 5 seasons in Barcelona untill 1978. Then as an active player in the USA for Los Angeles Aztecs and Washington Diplomats. In 1981 back to Spain at Levante (Valencia) before he returned home to Ajax Amsterdam for 2 magnificent seasons and ended his active carreer at Feyenoord Rotterdam in 1984.

Johan Cruijff as active player

Ajax 1971-1972

Johan Cruijff with No. 9, 10 and 14

No. 14 forever

FIFA Johan Cruyff Classic Player

Enjoy 14 of his best goals

After his active carreer Johan Cruijff became a succesfull coach at Ajax and FC Barcelona. He won many titles and also the 1st Europe Cup 1 ever for the famous Spanish club in 1992 (Barcelona-Sampdoria 1-0 goal made by Ronald Koeman, also coach of FC Barcelona 2020-2021).

Johan Cruijff as coach

Johan Cruijff as philosopher

Johan Cruijff sadly passed away, aged 68, in 2016 suffering of lung cancer (funny fact: 6+8=14). Number 14 became even more special. I honoured him by making a fly curtain with his legendary number 14.

Then I got a 14Lbs Brunswick bowling ball with number 14 and in December 2019 I started my pool ball collection with number 14 balls only. Most pool balls are 57.2 cm in diameter, some are different in size. This next pool ball is one of my favorites!

Favorite pool ball
and bowling ball

Self made fly curtain

Johan Cruijff Arena Amsterdam
to honour Johan Cruijff in 2016

Amsterdam Arena Tribute 2016

Barcelona Nou Camp Tribute 2016

Ajax won the Europe Cup I
in 1971, 1972 and 1973