USA (Central)
last update: 13-sep-2022

Pictures of bowling pin collections

These collections shown:

  • Tim Benson (OK)
  • William Christensen (NE)
  • Mike Freeman (TX)
  • Mick Hackbarth (IA)
  • James Hale (TX)
  • John Hardman (KS)
  • Will Hemb (TX)
  • Matthew Morse (MN)
  • Robert Natho (TX)
  • Bryan Schuldt (IL)
  • Eke Tarvin (TX)

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collection Tim Benson

130+ mainly old and wooden pins
Tim Benson, Dibble (OK)

250+ pin collection "the wall of pins"
Mike Freeman, Anna (TX)

 William Christensen, Lincoln (NE)

Rich Dziuba, Holland (MI)

Will Hemb, Ponder (TX)

30+ collection in 30 years collecting
Mick Hackbarth, Waterloo (IA)

 100+ AMF & Brunswick collection
James Hale, Allen (TX)

300+ pin collection many unhit pins
John Hardman, Lawrence (KS)

 100+ pin collection nicely displayed
Matthew Morse, Crystal (MN)

20+ pin collection and a 20' stub lane
fully functional alley in his garage

Robert Natho, Farmers Branch (TX)

 60+ collection and bowling trophies
Bryan Schuldt, Chicago (IL)

 80+ pin collection and other stuff
Eke Tarvin, Lytle (TX)

All pictures and names
added with permission