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My main collection now:

My collection of Number #14 Pool balls

426 in my collection now and 22 due soon.

A tribute to the famous Johan Cruijff.

I am working on more new pages!


In February 2022 I decided to SELL about 98% my collection of bowling pins! 690 pins will be shipped to the new owner in the USA soon. For the time being I will keep this website online and all bowling pins can still be seen.

WANTED pool balls

WANTED pool balls

About me

Hans Sommer

Hans Sommer

Collector of Number #14 Pool balls and some remaining Bowling pins.

Since 2013: I started collecting Bowling pins in 2013 after visiting Las Vegas and attending the 1st World Senior Bowling Championship at Red Rock Lanes. Early 2020 I started collecting Number #14 Pool balls.

My collection: I have a 400+ collection of Number #14 Pool balls. A tribute to Johan Cruijff. And I used to have a 700+ collection of Bowling pins made by AMF, Qubica, Brunswick and many more; 98% of that collection has been SOLD in February 2022.

My bowling: I bowled for 17 years untill 2020 and I have 3x300, 2x299 and 1x298 in my name. High series 780/3. My best seasons average is 208 (house leagues only).

Sir Bowmore: Untill 2004 I had a nice 200+ collection of Bowmore distillery bottlings. Sir Bowmore was my nickname. My Bowmore Pages is online since 2002 and still going strong. www.sirbowmore.nl.

Various types of bowling pins